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Miçanga Swimwear

Luiza Bikini Top

Luiza Bikini Top

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Meet the Luiza Bikini Top – a burst of sunshine handcrafted for you by skilled artisans in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. This orange-yellow stunner, subtly kissed with gold threads, brings a touch of warmth to your beach ensemble.

Made from a blend of nylon and spandex, the Luiza Bikini Top combines breathability with durability, ensuring it's ready for whatever sunny adventures come your way. The thoughtful craftsmanship includes a discreet secret hole inside, allowing you to add padding for extra support or a playful push-up effect, depending on your mood.

This bikini isn't just swimwear; it's a wearable homage to the sun itself. With its radiant hues and meticulous detailing, the Luiza Bikini Top embodies the spirit of Rio and the energy of a sun-kissed day. Keep in mind, it runs small, ensuring a snug fit that accentuates your natural glow. Celebrate the warmth with the Luiza and shine bright under the sun.

Model is wearing a size Small.

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