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Miçanga Swimwear

Celia Bikini Bottom

Celia Bikini Bottom

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Meet the star of the show, the Celia Bikini Bottom from the Celia Bikini Set. This navy blue beauty isn't just swimwear; it's an ode to the Pacific Ocean, drawing inspiration from the sun-soaked vibes of the LA coast. Crafted with a mix of nylon and spandex, this bikini is not only attention-calling but also incredibly comfortable and breathable, ensuring you feel as good as you look.

What sets the Celia Bikini Bottom apart is the subtle touch of sparkly gold glitter threads woven into the fabric. It's a tie-up stringkini that adds a playful twist to your beach style, allowing you to customize your fit with ease.

Running true to size, the Celia Bikini Bottom ensures a perfect fit that highlights your natural curves. Embrace the stunning allure of navy blue, paired with the golden glimmer, and make a statement wherever your beach adventures take you.

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